Sunday, 29 May 2011

Wardrobe Must Haves: 6 items every women's wardrobe needs

During though economic times, it is important that we have items in our wardrobe that aren't only suitable for that current trend of season but items that we can wear season after season, day after day.  We need items that we can dress up, dress down and pair with other 'trendy' items to suit that season.

Here are 6 staple items that every women needs in her wardrobe:

Black Dress! Something that you can wear on several occasions and style a new way everytime. You want something that you can wear to an important meeting, night out with the girls, or something less fun like a funeral.

Black dresses that you can wear for many occasions

Jeans!  You want jeans that are fitted for your body type.  You want a pair of jeans that you can wear every Saturday with your favourite cardigan, jacket or hoodie.

A few different styles of jeans that you can wear season after season

Black Boots!  You need a pair of black boots that you can wear season after season.  Avoid ones that look to be seasonal or in a current trend style. Go for genuine leather and to what ever height that suits your style and personal taste.  I personally prefer the height that sits just under your knee.

Basic style black boots with various heals

White T Shirt!  A white t shirt is a must have as it goes with everything.  You want the t shirt to stay fresh, so you may need to update them reasonably frequently depending on how often you wear it.  It doesn't hurt to have several in your drawer.  To take this one further, you should try and have a few white singles, 3/4 sleeves tops and a least one long sleeve top.  Try and keep them motif free.

White basics to wear with everything

Summer Dress!  Even in Melbourne you need a summer dress.  Summer dresses shouldn't need any work in dressing up.  As long as you choose a dress that is flowy and with bold colours

Pretty Summer dresses

Trench Coat!  When I say trench I am not talking about a coat to your knees, just a basic black trench coat that sits around hips, one with double breast buttons and a belt.  This classic style never goes out of fashion and re-appears year after year for winter.

Various styles of basic trench coats

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