Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How to dress to hide your "belly"

If you are like most people you probably have a little bit of belly that you would like to hide. Here are some tips to hide your tummy:

1:   Wear shapewear! Dont be affraid of shapewear. It may look unattractive in the store but trust me its about to become your best friend. Have a professional fitting to ensure your wearing the right kind for your needs.

2:   Wear mid-waist jeans. Wearing low ride jeans will only highlight what your trying to hide. High waisted dont work for everyone. Mids are generally best.

3:   Wear a flowing, but not baggy, top. You want your top to be sitting comfortably on your body without clinging to your belly.

4:   Wear a large waist belt.  This, together with your "loose" top with give the illusion of a smaller waist. Your belt will also help hide your belly.

Wearing "frumpy" tops may hide your belly but they can also hide your assets too. Not only are they not flattering they will only make you look larger, particularly if you have a large bust.  You dont want to be wearing clingy tight fitting tops either. "Flowy" will be much more flattering, also, avoid too much cleavage, but a little is your friend :-) .

If you need any assistance with examples, just leave a comment at the bottom.


  1. Excellent advice. :)
    Though I think perhaps I would do best to do more crunches, lol!

  2. Well we could all do more stomach crunches lol. Hopefully my peice can help you out in the meantime :-)