Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Autumn/Winter Trends

This Winter is the first time that we have seen some very prominant and obvious trends with colour!  We have the miliary trend that is bringing back the khaki skinny cargos, khaki knitwear, studs, lace-up boots and tan ankle boots and well as feminine combat inspired boots.  We have animal print with leopard, zebra and tiger and we have colours like nude pink, camel and various other browns.  Autumn is a time where we do see brown shades coming out, i guess to match the trees, but until now it has been somewhat hard to wear them confidentily without looking a tad drab.  The key to wearing brown is to not wear it with much other brown or use contrasting shades.  Maybe start with a belt and match with shoes.  This will help you match your colours and see what works and what doesnt with your current wardrobe.

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